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We work with forward-thinking companies to craft and produce impactful solutions through website & mobile app experiences. You will work closely with skilled Dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum.

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10x Increased Organic Traffic With SEO Services

As the leading global SEO company, CodingClave, we concentrate on drawing targeted visitors with the goal of generating leads and revenue. Our revenue-based SEO tactics guarantee enduring customer relationships and steady expansion.

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Revenue Generated for our Clients by Our Growth Marketing Services
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Leads Generated for our Clients by Our Growth Marketing Services
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Client Satisfaction
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What We Offer in SEO Services?

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On-Page SEO Services

Competitor Analysis, Keyword Research, Site Architecture, Content Optimization, Internal Linking Strategy, On-Page optimization, Schema Markup optimizations are the basics of On-page.


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Technical SEO Services

Technical SEO has an important role in attracting organic traffic. This deals with indexing, page loading speed, and mobile friendliness. We help in optimizing the website for better crawl accessibilty.


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Local SEO Services

As Google Business Profile has been installed across all demographics, the need for local SEO has peaked. Most of the searchers use “Near Me” as a keyword. So, the website should be locally visible.


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Off-Page SEO Services

This is also known as Link Building Services. Quality Backlinks are the basic step of off-page SEO. This brings more authority to the website while bot of Search Engine Crawls.This helps in ranking.


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E-commerce SEO Service

Our E-commerce focus SEO Strategy and process can help your D2C or B2C Brands to Grow High Organic Conversions. Our Content Strategy and Website Architecture will increase Retention Rates.


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SEO Site Audit Services

Every business needs lead generation and funnel strategy for converting leads to sales. Our SEO strategy will enhance organic traffic with better conversion rate than industrial standard.

Do You Want Your Keywords to Rank on Google's First Page?
Our Structure for SEO

In order to draw in both warm and chilly leads, our SEO structure utilizes a revenue-based strategy that seamlessly integrates content.


Comprehensive research is the first step to successful digital marketing. This includes researching chances in keywords, web pages, user experience, user interface, backlinks, and overall strategy, as well as evaluating rivals and finding content gaps.


These deep study dives produce data, the essential elements that we carefully put together into an integrated plan, producing a beautiful and effective solution.


Optimizing web pages for search engines involves two critical components: producing insightful content that answers the majority of user inquiries and perfecting HTML meta tags with primary and secondary keywords.


Your strategy for SEO is data-driven, beginning with A/B testing to maximize visitor satisfaction with website features.


A marketing campaign's ROI, not merely its traffic volume, is what really matters. SEO is excellent at drawing in quality leads.


We use our own SEO tools and Locker Studio to do in-depth analysis following the extraction of data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics.


SEO is a compounding process, much like stock market investment. Slow but steady rise in organic traffic is the result of consistent work guided by data analysis.

Data-Driven SEO: A 12-Step Guide to Success

Here are 12 step process we follow for optimizing client’s website for reaching million organic traffic per month. We have seen a huge success rate with the clients using this 12-steps process while they invest on SEO atleast for 12 months. Hire us to get millions of traffic for your business

Website SEO Audit

We start our SEO procedure with a thorough site evaluation. This comprehensive study reveals the advantages, disadvantages, and untapped potential of your website with the use of cutting-edge technologies like Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Google Search Console. Finding technical and on-page SEO mistakes enables us to design a performance-oriented plan.

Fixing the SEO Errors

Coverage, indexing, mobile loading speed, Core Web Vitals, broken links, duplicate content, and inconsistent canonicalization, title tags, and meta descriptions are a few examples of typical issues. Following the audit, we quickly resolve these problems to make sure your website is technically search engine optimized.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor study is a crucial but sometimes overlooked phase in SEO. We intentionally target low-difficulty keywords (0–10) with high user intent (transactional or informative) at codingclave. Using this strategy, we can successfully position your website and establish topical authority.

Keyword Research

Following the first keyword selection, we conduct thorough T-shaped keyword research, emphasizing both breadth and depth, to establish topical authority. Long-tail and intent-based keywords are included in this. Finding high search volume keywords with low to medium complexity is our area of expertise.

Site Architecture

Building a strong site architecture is essential for SEO. We develop a thorough mind map that shows the organization of the website, including the home page, primary transaction pages, information pages, comparison pages, and more. This facilitates an efficient internal linking strategy, improves navigation, and increases the capacity of crawler bots to discover new sites.

Content Planning and Writing

Writing content comes next, once the site layout and keywords have been decided upon. We construct a content structure with headers and subheaders for our authors based on an analysis of the top ten Google articles from our competitors. Providing excellent material that complies with EAT requirements is our top priority.

On-Page Optimization

We strategically insert keywords on your website to improve its search engine optimization. This entails including main and secondary keywords into headings (H1–H6), images, alt text, URLs, titles, meta descriptions, and pertinent schema markup (FAQs, articles). We also create an effective internal linking structure using optimal anchor text, based on findings from top content AI tools such as Surfer SEO and RankMath.

Technical Optimization

User experience and crawl accessibility have equal weight when it comes to search engine ranking considerations. Furthermore, we prioritize and work on crawl budget in order to enhance indexing frequency, which aids in ranking. Additionally, we clean up the Google page experience for every URL and improve the key web vitals and loading performance of the website.

Off-Page Optimization

Creating superior backlinks is the last stage. We go beyond criteria like domain rating and give priority to relevancy, website authority, organic traffic, and overall link quality. We concentrate on tactics like outreach to influential people in the field, guest blogging on pertinent websites, and citations on reliable directories in order to accomplish this. We steer clear of inferior strategies like classified advertisements and directory submissions.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversions are crucial for effective marketing; it goes beyond traffic. At 7 Eagles, we make use of heatmap technology to analyze user activity and enhance the call to action (CTA) on your website. Our CRO specialists' data-driven methodology guarantees that your call-to-actions (CTAs) are positioned strategically for optimal conversions and a robust return on investment.

Data SEO

Data-driven decision making is strengthened by SEO. Important information about user behavior and search trends may be found in free tools like Google Search Console, Analytics, Tag Manager, and Trends. We can create interesting content, improve internal links and CTAs, choose the best keywords, and use strategic schema markup by evaluating this data, all of which will contribute to the expansion of our company.

Experimentation & Testing

marketing effort needs conversions to be measured accurately in terms of ROI and ROAS. A key component of conversion rate optimization (CRO), heatmap technology is used by our team to gather insightful data about user activity. With the use of this information, we can better put the call to action (CTA) on your website increasing conversions and strengthening your return on investment.

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We are a leading SEO firm established by Mr. Shashank Srivastava, a worldwide SEO specialist with over 9 years of expertise who has successfully negotiated over thirty major and more than one hundred minor Google upgrades.

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